We want to build your web site just the way you want it.  We take pride in quality and customization over speed. In the process you get clean optimized code that’s easy to work with and make changes to. Modern web designs using responsive design techniques and progressive enhancement ensure your site is displayed optimally on any device.

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Check out our Web Design & Development Services
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3 New WordPress Plugins Coming Soon!
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I often recommend using a Content Management System like WordPress, which means you get easy access to make changes to your web site, no coding required. I have had many great experiences with WordPress, from designing and customizing themes to modifying and creating plugins and other modifications. Your web site will also be built with SEO in mind, including integrated options for keywords and meta tags management, as well as integrating services such as stats, widgets, and other customizations.

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StatCounter Dead Project Filter for GreaseMonkey

Do you use StatCounter to keep track of your web site visitors? If so, and if you have a bunch of StatCounter Projects that are old and inactive but “great ideas” (and building age), you might be interested in the StatCounter Dead Project Filter, a script I wrote for GreaseMonkey (the Mozilla/Firefox extension or Internet Explorer plugin). All projects with no hits for the current month will be removed.

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WordPress Plugin News

WP Dual Registration

If you’ve ever wanted to have your visitors fill out one form and be registered or subscribed for more than one service, this plugin makes it easier to do that with WordPress.

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